ATI Services

Authorized Testing, Inc. is a full service inspection and testing agency specializing in compressed gas cylinders and pressure components.


The links to the right will explain in detail each of our services which covers every aspect of pressure vessel design and production ranging from consolation, regulation and standard interpretations, materials testing and finished product testing, both destructive and nondestructive and finally the regulatory required on site surveillance during the actual production of your product. We are with you all the way and will certify every unit produced upon acceptance of your design.


The highly experience staff at ATI can assist you in every aspect of your project from your vision to the drawing board and then final regulatory approval in many counties where we are recognized as an authority in the pressure vessel industry. We can interface with the appropriate authorities throughout the approval process and even have sample applications for you to review.


We have been doing this work for over 40 years and have been on the leading edge of many of the new and popular cylinders designs now in use and were instrumental in these designs being accepted worldwide.


ATI opened the very first test lab in the world dedicated to this industry and specializes in the most difficult tests required by all the counties in the world with regulations. Our main office lab and remote test facility afford us the ability to conduct any kind of otherwise dangerous prototype tests and are fully licensed by the local and federal authorities. The lab capabilities include simple material sample testing to highly intricate total destruction of entire vehicles, busses, and gas transport and storage vessels and have done this for many of the major Japanese and US auto makers. Customers can view their tests via CCTV from a safe location while the ATI data acquisition system collects al the requested and required data including high speed video upon request.

Routinely performed tests include:

  • Tensile Testing

  • Flattening and Bend Test

  • Hydrostatic Water Jacket Testing

  • Proof Pressure Testing

  • Burst Testing

  • Thermal and Environmental Testing

  • Pendulum Impact

  • Flaw Tolerance

  • Glass Strand and Carbon Fiber Testing

  • Short Beam Shear Testing

  • Drop Test

  • Salt Water Immersion Test

  • Bonfire Testing: Wood, Chimney, Diesel, and Propane

  • Localized Bonfire IAW NGV-2, UNGTR, ISO 19881

  • Gunfire Testing