ATI Test Laboratories

Authorized Testing, Inc. is considered by many as the industry’s leading compressed gas cylinder design qualification test lab, having performed more of these tests than any other test lab in the world. 


After serving the industry for over 46 years, ATI has become extremely well know and trusted by both the domestic and international manufacturers and therefore have provided design approvals to many manufactures worldwide.


Our test lab is equipped to perform nearly every type of testing needed to verify safety of  compressed gas cylinders but all types of pressure vessels and component. our current pressure capability is in excess of 100,000psi and can perform all types of environmental and exposure testing at this pressure for clients such as NSAS, Boeing, Lawrence Livermore Laboratories, MIT and many other well know Aerospace agencies.

We also provide design testing to many of our competitors who currently do not have the facilities but wish to offer this service to their clients. This has proven to be very convenient and cost effective since the cost usually connected to the required witnessing does not apply since we are also an IIA and can witness the tests for the agency whose clients we are testing for.

As experts in design safety and regulatory requirements, ATI has been asked to serve as consultants for the development of the most popular pressure vessel designs in the world and has served as the Independent Inspection Agency for many of the largest compressed gas cylinder manufacturers in the US.


With two well-staffed and equipped locations in southern California, ATI can offer our clients the convenience of a one stop facility and approved Inspection Agency providing  consultation, design verifications, design qualification testing, certification and finally, once the design is approved, we also provide the ongoing production inspection and certification as required by the US. Department of Transportation, Transport Canada and many other foreign Governments as well as the many recognized Industry Standards.


The bonfire test is required by nearly all standards and Regulations. ATIs remote test site is designed to conduct these otherwise very dangerous tests both safely and efficiently and is approved and licensed for such activity by the local authorities.


Our expert lab technicians are well trained in this field and are among only a few worldwide familiar with all of the different and sometimes complicated test procedures.


Our remote test site is located a short distance from the main office in Southern California.

The Riverside facility is equipped to perform Qualification and production testing as required by most of the US and international specifications. These tests include Hydraulic and Hydrostatic Pressure Testing, Environmental Exposure Testing, High and Low Temperature Cycling, Ambient Cycle Testing, High Pressure Burst Testing, Thermal Cycle Testing as well special testing sometimes requested by the aerospace or auto industries.

The Riverside facility is also capable of performing Mechanical Properties Testing of all types of metals as well as carbon and fiberglass strand testing and short beam shear composite testing.

Our other test facility is located in a remote area of the California high dessert. This test site is used exclusively for all types of destructive testing such as bonfire and gunfire testing of compressed gas cylinders. The ATI test technicians who perform these potentially dangerous tests have many years of experience in this type of testing and are fully HAZMAT trained and qualified.

Listed below are some of the tests routinely performed at the ATI Test Lab.

· Tensile Testing per ASTM E8 and B557
· Flattening and Bend Tests - DOT/ TC and ISO
· Hydrostatic Water Jacket Testing to 75,000 psi
· Proof Pressure Testing to 75,000 psi
· Burst Testing to 100,000 psi
· Pressure Reversal Cycling to 20000 psi
· Gunfire Testing –DOT, NGV2, ISO, and MIL Spec.
· Thermal and Environmental Cycling – DOT/TC, ISO, NGV2
· Bonfire Testing – Wood, Chimney, Diesel, and Propane
· Pendulum Impact, –NGV2 and ISO
· Flaw Tolerance – NGV2 and ISO
· Glass Strand and carbon fiber Testing – ASTM D2343 & ASTMD4018
· Short Beam Shear Testing – ASTM D2344
· Drop Testing – DOT, ISO, and NGV2
· Salt Spray Fog, and Salt Water Immersion Tests - ASTM B117-97, ISO/TC 58/SC

. ISO 11119, ISO 11515, ECE R110, EC79, and ECE R134

Tests in accordance with other specifications and customer requirements are also performed. We also provide consultation on pressure vessel design as well as specification interpretation for all applications.